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Not Skiing Niseko

From 30,000 JP¥
From 35,000 JP¥
From 15,000 JP¥
From 30,000 JP¥
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From 15,000 JP¥
4 hours
From 40,000 JP¥
From 40,000 JP¥

A Beespoke Niseko experienceYour visit to Niseko, your way

Each Imnotskiing niseko trip is tailored to the way you want it so your time is maximized to enjoy Niseko as much as you wish.

OUR APPROACH TO NISEKO TOURISMA Unique Tailored Premium Experience

Take the time to see what else is around Niseko and you will be amazed at what this stunning area has to offer as an international tourist destination.
Accommodation Pick up and drop off
We can come to you
Custom made trips
Need to do something not on our list ? Not a problem.
Local knowledge and experience
We have tried all the crappy stuff so you don't have to
On time pick and delivery
Our service runs promptly because you might have somewhere to be
Friendly service
Our staff are highly medicated so that they can pretend to like everybody
Souvenir and shopping
We can help you find the perfect gift or also just help you run to the supermarket


One day we will get some real people to post reviews when we are not working 2 other jobs and us and. However we will do our very best to make your experience in Niseko amazing because it feeds our family and we mostly like people.

Just Awesome!

I booked the imnotskiing Niseko Rhino tour and there were not any Rhino’s at all. The complementary water bottle was frozen solid and my seat itched.

Jeniffer Palmer

Traveled to Niseko station Onsen

Simply beautiful

God we are beautiful. I bet some day somebody will use our picture in the stock photo’s of a website. Kind of weird if we ever break up.. Did I mention how beautiful we are ?

Jasmine Jayme

Travelled to Fukidashi Park

Memorable Experience

We thought their would be sailing and Niseko has no boats at all. We don’t even know why you would go somewhere without boats.

Jerrod Joseph

Traveled to Lake Toya

I don’t know who I am anymore

I lost my jacket at Wild Bill’s after getting really drunk after an onsen. It was my favorite and I spent my last yen on a season pass.

Brigitte Stroll

Travelled to Japan

EXCELLENT PLACES TO GOSee the real Niseko !

Get out of Hirafu and really see what this amazing part of Hokkaido has to offer. You will not not regret notskiing Niseko.

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See the imnotskiingniseko blog for more updates about what's happening in the Niseko world.

Notskiing Niseko

We would love to hear from you. If you have questions about how we could make your trip to Niseko more memorable drop us an email at info@imnotskiingniseko.com
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