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There are no stupid questions. Although some come very close

Choosing a tour

We strive to help you fit the right tour for your Niseko visit. No matter if you are a nature lover, party animal or keen sportsman Niseko has many attractions to offer.

What is your cancellation policy ?

Our currently policy is we do not charge for cancellations. That being said we are small business and last minute cancellations eat into our ability to provide for our families so if you do need to cancel please do so as soon as possible and you can always send us chocolates or leave a positive google review on our experience.

Be aware that Niseko weather can be very unpredictable and occasionally downright dangerous. We are experienced snow drivers but the addition of blizzard and black ice can mean that your safety is at risk if we do make the tough decision not to operate on some rare days.

How can we make payment?
Payment is requested at the completion of the tour. Imnotskiinniseko carries a portable credit card reader so there is no need to worry if you do not have the correct currency.

Travelling with children

Does Imnotskiing Niseko have family trips?
Most of our trips excluding the party night in Susukino are suitable for small children. We do carry one child seat that can take up to a 6 year old. If you are travelling with children please let us know via an email so we can cater to your needs better.

Travelling in a group

Whats the largest group that can be accomodated?
With notice Imnotskiing Niseko can call on some other experienced drivers and vehicles to help manage a larger group. Please contact us directly if you are managing a larger travelling group.

How many people will be on my trip?
Good things come in small packages, which is why we choose to offer customized tours. Unless you wish otherwise your trip will include only who you booked your reservation with.

Food, drink and dietary requirements

I have special dietary requirements – will they be catered for?
We do not supply food directly and you are responsible for your meals however Niseko is blessed with great convenience stores and many boutique restaurants so we are confident we can almost always find somewhere that suits your needs but if you do have particularly allergies or needs it may be wise to take a packed lunch or make contact with us ahead of time.

Can I drink the tap water in Niseko?
Yes, Niseko’s tap water is some the best tasting and safest tap water in the world. We also en devour to stop at some of the local springs on route too so it’s a great idea to bring an empty water bottle or 2 when you book your tour with Imnotskiing Niseko.


Before you depart

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Assisting us on pickup

What is the best way to assist pickup and meeting
Please arrive at your hotel reception a few minutes before departure time and make yourself know to your reception staff. If you are staying in an apartment please be ready to leave by your departure time.

What about tipping ?

Do I need to tip in Japan ?

Japan does not have a culture of tipping. Neither the places we visit will be expecting tips and either will Imnotskiing Niseko.

All we ask is if our service exceeded your expectations please tell your friends or leave a positive google review.

Travel insurance

Do I need travel insurance?
Travel insurance is a really really good idea and quite frankly you are stark raving mad to travel without it.

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